Malt Flavor

In an effort to describe the flavor profiles of malt, tasters have created a set of descriptors based on 17 commonly known flavors. These definitions form the malt “flavor wheel.”

The numbers represent the strength of each characteristic’s presence within the malt, whereas higher numbers equate to a stronger sense of that characteristic or flavor. For example, a malt described as having a burnt level of 5 and a fruity level of 3 will have stronger flavors of roast and subtle flavors of jams and berries. Listed below are the descriptors alongside common malt varieties that are often associated with each profile.

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Maltwerks Flavor Profile Wheel
CerealWheat, Ale
SweetAle, Amber, Munich
BurntBlack, Roasted Barley
NuttyCaramalt, Ale
SolventShould not be present
ToffeeCrystal up to Color 240 EBC
CaramelCrystal up to Color 110 EBC, Caramalt
CoffeeChocolate, Black
ChocolateVery Dark Crystal
TreacleCrystal Over 240 EBC Color
FruityCrystal Color up to 110 EBC, Munich
BitterChocolate, Black
AstringentShould not be present